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Vosilo has selected Etsy to sell online. Etsy is a selling platform that started in 2005 and became a publicly traded company in 2015. It’s similar to eBay or Amazon Marketplace, but you can only sell handmade items such as Mexican totes made by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Selling on Etsy can lead to great opportunities for our customers. Running a successful Etsy store requires a lot of hard work and dedication, which is why Vosilo selected the platform.

Mexican totes from Oaxaca, Mexico

mexican totes by vosilo

Mexican handbags and totes that are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Our Mexican totes from Oaxaca and Guadalajara are the work of skilled Artisans. The Oaxaca handbags are environmentally friendly and woven from 100% recycled plastic. The quality is appreciated – the designs are always fresh and dynamic and make a perfect tote bag.

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map of mexico by vosiloEtsy has more than 81.9 million active buyers, making it a great place for Vosilo to sell our totes and handbags. We have hundreds of sales on the site with a 5-star rating.

We work with our craftsmen to develop processes that allow creativity, yet produce beautiful products that last a lifetime. Quality is the rule, not the exception. All Mexican totes and handbags from artisans in Oaxaca are individual works of art. There are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The handbags are an expression of their love for the tote bag.

Buy Mexican Totes on Etsy

Buyers come to Etsy seeking specific handmade items, so we already have a built-in audience that’s looking for our products. Listing our products on Etsy allows us to potentially get sales from organic search traffic on the Etsy homepage, which complements our website at Vosilo

Mexican totes made in Oaxaca

Etsy marketplace includes craft supplies, handmade items, and vintage goods. You must fit into one of these categories to sell on Etsy. Due to this, wholesalers or resellers can’t sell their products on the platform. Because Vosilo designs and makes our handbags in Oaxaca Mexico, we fit perfectly with the Etsy model.

We travel all over Mexico looking for products that compliment your resort lifestyle. Specifically, Mexican totes and handbags from artisans in Oaxaca. Our customer support is very important. We work hard to bring you the best tote bag. If there is any problem, just let us know. We offer 100% satisfaction.

Totes on Esty by Vosilo

mexican totes by vosilo

Our handbags and tote bags make a unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion-savvy, and earning power – yet demonstrate intelligence and adaptability. Our clients take an afternoon tour on a yacht in comfortable clothes and complement their outfits with a fashionable handbag. We provide the best Mexican totes and handbags from Artisans in Oaxaca.

Mexican totes made in Oaxaca

The very spirit of Etsy is that it’s an online community where crafters, artisans, and small businesses can sell without competing with the mass manufacturers in the consumer marketplace. Etsy is an online marketplace where Vosilo can sell high-quality Mexican artisan-made handbags and totes. It’s also where shoppers go when they want to find our new product releases.

mexican totes by vosilo

Previously, Vosilo's only option was to lease out a corner of a boutique or set up a booth at an art fair to try to make sales. While these are both fine avenues, Etsy has opened the floodgate by exposing Vosilo to a wide shopping audience, boasting a whopping 24 million active buyers. The site also fosters a closer buyer-seller relationship by encouraging open communication rather than purchasing from a large, faceless website.

Vosilo benefits from selling on Etsy

Etsy has made it unbelievably easy for Vosilo to set up an online store and get our business going, and they’re constantly making improvements that streamline the process. Beginning with setting up our shop and posting pictures of our items, to making a sale and shipping orders, there are tools every step of the way that make it a smooth experience. Customers can make payments right on the site without having to go through external channels.

Mexican totes on Esty

mexican totes by vosilo

You’ll get perks with Etsy that you may not have on your own. First of all, our shop comes with built-in statistics that we use to track our customer’s experience. They show us how many sales we’ve made and which items are most popular. Additionally, Etsy stats show you how many visitors we’ve had to our shop broken down by days and peak viewing times. Etsy also allows us to offer discounts and coupons on our items to encourage repeat sales.

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