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Mexican Totes and Handbags for Vacation | Vosilo Review

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Posted on January 26 2022

Vosilo ~ The most essential travel bags

Whether it is a long flight, carrying items onboard for a cruise, hanging out by the pool, or attending an evening cocktail party, Mexican totes and handbags provide the optimal wardrobe accessory. The ability to easily fit a laptop, a water bottle, a beach towel, or souvenirs, make the woven tote from Mexico a must-have travel companion.

Vacation Totes and Handbags

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A Vosilo bag can handle a splash of water, a boat storage compartment, or even a little sand on the beach. Our handbags keep up with your resort lifestyle. The gym and yoga in the morning, a round of golf, before an afternoon at the pool. Our woven handbags are up to the challenge while looking fabulous.

Vosilo is perfect for your next vacation. Our handbags were voted “Best Budget Tote Bag”. The prices make them perfect as a beach bag, summer bag, resort tote, or cruise handbag. Mix and match colors. All Vosilo women's totes are handcrafted in Mexico and made to be worn with both casual and formal attire. Vosilo has a wide selection of totes, handbags, and purses that fit your criteria and all while complementing your exquisite taste.

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Vosilo ~ Mexican Totes and Handbags

Every bag from Vosilo is designed with travel in mind, and our flagship women's Mexican tote is no exception. It's made from durable, recycled plastic strands by skilled artisans in Oaxaca and Guadalajara, Mexico. The wide opening makes the tote easy to load and provides room to organize all your items. The medium-length handles provide an over the shoulder or top-handle carry option. Last but not least, these totes can be folded flat and right in your luggage. Vosilo has thought of everything with this simple plastic tote made in Mexico.

mexican women's woven tote

Vosilo Totes

Our colorful woven totes feature a wide top opening and two long braided handles. The approximate dimensions are 14″Height, 15″Width, 6″Depth, 10"Drop, 24"Length. They are made from woven plastic strands by artisans in Mexico. The tote is not lined and doesn't have a closure along the top. It is designed to stand upright, thus making it perfect for storing many items and allowing easy access to things like sunglasses, wallets, and phones. It is perfect for a day of shopping.

Vosilo Handbags

Vosilo's product line allows you to own many different totes, handbags, and purses. With price points ranging from $19.95 to $59.95, there is a bag for everyone and all occasions. The Mexican handbag from Vosilo is the perfect example of the only resort handbag you'll ever need. It's made of brightly colored woven plastic strands and features unique designs.It comes in many colors that go with everything. This handbag holds its shape enough for when you're finding for your travel documents at the check-in counter, but still soft enough to be stored in a boat compartment during a day cruise.

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Hand-sewn padded leatherette handles are one of the best features of Vosilo handbags. Similarly, they add to the overall class and sophistication of a perfect resort handbag. This spacious handbag can be used as a tote or a more secure bag - truly the best of both worlds. We love how the Vosilo handbag easily converts from a work bag (most laptops can fit inside) to a casual purse you can use every day.

Vosilo's gorgeous woven handbag features a silver buckle and two padded top handles. The approximate dimensions are 13″Height, 14″Width, 6″Depth, 6"Drop, 19"Length. The Mexican handbag is one of Vosilo's bestsellers. Our handbags feature a side two-position closure, a closed position for security, or open to carry larger items. The front clasp provides a secure attachment for the flap that holds the bag closed. All Vosilo handbags are made by Artisans in Mexico.

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Mexican Totes and Handbags

Whether you're headed to Cancun for a beach trip or are on a long weekend in Orlando, a reusable tote is always worth packing. These bags take up virtually no space in your suitcase, thus making them invaluable for vacation. Whether you end up wanting to purchase fruit in the local market, buying souvenirs on the Malecón, or need a cute beach bag, these totes always get the job done—and they look good doing it. This minimalist plastic weave comes in hundreds of colors and designs. Each tote and handbag is unique. It's a great everyday tote—even on rainy days since they are naturally water-resistant. The best part about this bag? You can fold it flat, making it another must-pack in your checked luggage.

Travel Totes and Handbags

Our totes are spacious, their design is classic, and they start at $25, maxing out at $50, depending on which design. The open-top option is great for day trips when you might have beach towels, but the handbag with the metal buckle will provide more security at a party or restaurant. Vosilo is a consistent provider of great-looking totes and handbags from Mexico. We've got it all - including our customer favorite tote for travel or a classic woven handbag for everyday use. Both are lightweight, easy to clean, durable, and come in gorgeous colors. Trust us, the bags will hold up trip after trip, whether you're using it as a carry-on or at the beach.

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Durable and Functional Totes

While there are plenty of plastic woven totes out there, it was trickier than anticipated to find a handbag that was as fashionable as it was functional. Our picks were all selected keeping in mind that you’ll probably want to be able to carry them both at the pool and during evening events at the resort. They would have to go from the golf cart to the yacht without missing a beat. Finally, we wanted a reasonably priced handbag because it might be one vacation or limited use handbag in our collection.

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Vosilo Totes and Handbags

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable bag that can hold more than just the essentials, then Vosilo is your best bet.  Vosilo is a great handbag made from recycled plastic, that will keep you looking clean and polished all day long. The versatile structured bag is crafted in Mexico and made to be worn with both casual and formal attire. You can choose from several solid colors or hundreds of colors with intricate designs.

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The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle™

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