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Mexican Totes and Womens Handbags by Vosilo

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Posted on February 18 2022

Summer Totes Handmade by Artisans in Mexico

Totes shipped from Arizona

Versatile Tote

Women's tote features a beautiful design, colorful plastic weave, and sturdy braided handles. It is perfect for shopping, a day on the beach, a resort party, or brunch. Vosilo totes are designed for vacation or daily use. They are durable, pack flat, and clean easily. Vosilo totes includes a dust bag for storage.

womens tote from mexico

Perfect Size

The approximate dimensions are 14" height, 15" width, 6" depth, 10" drop, 24" total length. Other features include:

💠 Style: Women's Tote
💠 Closure: Wide top and no clasp
💠 Colors: Multicolor plastic strands
💠 Handle: Two sturdy braided handles
💠 Cleaning: Soad and water. Towel dry
💠 Material: Recycled plastic strands
💠 Origin: Oaxaca & Guadalajara, Mexico

womens tote from mexico

Artisan Made

We work with artisans to make Mexican totes in Oaxaca and Guadalajara. With our tote bags can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Years of creativity and experience are required to weave the ultimate product. Visit our store to browse new designs and colors.

totes made in oaxaca mexico

Resort Lifestyle

Our totes make a great outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion-savvy, and earning power – yet demonstrate intelligence and adaptability. Our clients take an afternoon tour on a yacht in comfortable clothes and complement their outfits with a fashionable Vosilo tote on Etsy. We provide unique totes made in Mexico and delivered to customers in the US. The gym and yoga in the morning, a round of golf, before an afternoon at the pool. Our woven totes are up to the challenge while looking fabulous. Vosilo totes are perfect for your next vacation.

handmade womens tote

Beautiful Designs

Vosilo is a coveted bag made from 100% recycled plastic, that will keep you looking clean and polished all day long. The versatile structured bag is crafted in Mexico and made to be worn with both casual and formal attire. You can choose from several solid colors or hundreds of colors with intricate designs. Vosilo offers a reasonably priced tote because it might be one vacation or limited use handbag in their collection.

oaxaca mexico totes

Resort Activities

Our customers are active, energetic, and engaged in their world. They don’t watch from the sidelines or let others play the game. Start living and enjoying the best lifestyle with Vosilo. Our customers want a handbag that can handle the leather unfriendly conditions found at a resort, yet not carry a handbag that looks like a plastic bucket. The situation requires a handbag that can handle a splash of water, a little trail dust, or a boat storage compartment. If you’re looking for a durable and affordable bag that can hold more than just the essentials, then a Vosilo tote is your best bet. We think that you will agree that our totes are perfect for your resort lifestyle.

vosilo totes from mexico

Quality Product

Vosilo works with our craftsmen to develop processes that allow creativity, yet produce beautiful products that last a lifetime. Quality is the rule, not the exception. All Mexican totes from artisans in Oaxaca are individual works of art. There are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The totes from Oaxaca and Guadalajara are an expression of their love for the tote bag

mexican tote

Mexico Totes

We travel all over Mexico looking for products that enhance your resort lifestyle. Specifically, Mexican totes and handbags from artisans in Oaxaca. Our customer support is very important. We work diligently to bring you the best tote bag.

vosilo logo

Mexican totes from Oaxaca and Guadalajara made by artisans and presented by Vosilo.

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