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Oaxaca Handbag | Women's Handbags from Mexico | Artisan Handmade

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Posted on January 12 2022

Artisan crafted handbags from Mexico

Woven handbags from Oaxaca, Mexico, are handcrafted by Artisans using 100% recycled plastic in hundreds of beautiful patterns. Faux padded leatherette handles and a secure metal clasp makes this the perfect handbag for poolside, cruises, beaches, and resorts. Oaxaca handbags are recognized at 'works of art' from Mexico. Handbags and totes from this region in Mexico are some of the finest made in the world.

Handbags from Oaxaca, Mexico

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The Oaxaca region is a leading producer of handbags in Mexico. These handbags are recognized for their variety and quality. Oaxacan handbags were traditionally sold in many venues from local markets to upscale international stores. The state of Oaxaca is the best-known producer of handcrafts. Production techniques are largely unchanged since the colonial periods, made in family workshops.

If you want to visit a very interesting and beautiful city in Mexico, Oaxaca is the place to go! Vosilo works with local Artisans in these areas. We are proud to support them and thank our customers in supporting their communities.

One distinguishing feature of Oaxaca handcrafts is the specialization of production by the community. This tradition is one of the strongest in Mexico. The regional market system also remains in place to make handcrafts widely available in the state, especially in the Central Valleys region. The strongest indigenous influences on Oaxacan handcrafts are Zapotec and Mixtec. Producing handbags for trade has been an important economic activity in the state, especially in the Central Valleys region.

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Today, merchandise is manufactured for the tourist trade and sold through intermediaries mostly in the city of Oaxaca as relatively few tourists venture into the rural areas where the products are made. A day trip Those who do venture outside the capital visit larger producers such as the weaving town of Teotitlán del Valle. It is known for its textiles, especially handbags.

Oaxaca Handbags, made from 100% recycled plastic, is an imported product of the region. It is special because the material keeps the handbag looking clean and polished all day long. The versatile structured bag is crafted to be worn with both casual and formal attire. You can choose from several solid colors or hundreds of colors with intricate designs. Vosilo offers a reasonably priced handbag because it might be one vacation or limited use handbag in their collection.