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Posted on January 12 2022

Totes made in Mexico are great for a pool day.

poot totes by vosilo

Perfect for Pools

Pool Totes can handle a splash of water, a boat storage compartment, or even a little sand on the beach. Our Mexican totes and handbags keep up with your resort lifestyle. The quality makes them perfect as a beach bag, summer bag, resort tote or cruise handbag. Mix and match colors. Work out in the morning, a round of golf and an afternoon at the pool. Our woven handbags are up to the challenge, while looking fabulous.

mexican handbags for pools

Mexican Totes - Ready for Summery Fun

You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Years of creativity and experience are required to weave the ultimate product. The unparalleled quality is appreciated – the designs and colors are always fresh and dynamic.

Vosilo totes are perfect for cruises, beaches, and vacations. They are perfect for all activities in the sun. There is nothing more classic than a Vosilo pool tote. Made for all occasions, these handbags compliment any outfit and are perfect at the most fabulous resorts. From the pool to the yacht, to a cocktail party, with style and sophistication.

little italy handbag by Vosilo

Vosilo Totes, the handmade totes by Mexican artisans!    

There are many great features including:

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic stands
  • Padded handles are faux leatherette
  • Metal clasp keeps your items secure
  • Durable weave that cleans easily

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5 star rating Polished, Incredible!

"We found Vosilo on Instagram and immediately registered as a wholesale account. The handbags are a perfect compliment to our outfits and the price point is just right. We add a tote from Vosilo to almost all our swimwear sales. It is a great addition."
M. Pierce - Wholesaler

5 star rating Customer For Life

"Your prices are amazing!!! Thank you so much for making these handbags available in the US. I help spread the word because all my friends want to know where I purchased the great handbag. I say, 'Vosilo pool totes, they are the best'. Thank you very much!
A. Hernandez - Customer

5 star ratingAlmost too easy!

I highly recommend buying from Vosilo. They are very professional and sell a terrific handbag at a great price. I have purchased several to match my resort outfits and swimwear. The designs are fresh and dynamic. I receive so many compliments!
M. Kennedy - Customer

Handmade by Families for Generations

Artisans near Mexico City to use their creativity, experience, and skill to create the ultimate resort handbag. The quality is unparalleled and instantly recognized and appreciated.

Pool Totes and Handbags from Mexico

If you are going to a resort, on a cruise or planning time by the pool, Vosilo is the perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle. Every handbag is an individual work of art. There are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The handbags are an expression of their love for the product. We are the master importer of this product.

pool totes from mexico
The owner of Pool Totes and Resort Handbags was born in Mexico and she is widely respected in the artisan community. She is committed to designing the perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle.

“These are beautiful woven pool totes and handbags — large, and roomy. The semi-wide handles are nice because you can carry them in your hand, on your arm, or across your shoulder. It is roomy and deep enough to keep things from falling out, and the bag itself has tons of room without being bulky. The woven material keeps your things secure, but helps you get rid of the sand so you don’t bring home half of the beach. The straps are the perfect length and very comfortable, even when the bag is loaded down.”

The features make these handbags fantastic

pool tote by Vosilo

Pool Totes and handbags are unique, stylish, and made of 100% recycled material. The handbag stands by itself and the padded handles make it very comfortable to carry. The handbag is large enough for gift boxes, cover-ups, wine bottles or even a cute little Yorkie. You are on the go and Resort Handbags is ready for action. Work out in the morning, a round of golf and an afternoon at the pool. Our woven handbags are up to the challenge while looking fabulous.

To create a custom product, individual artisans handcraft each handbag. We encourage them to use their creativity, experience, and skill to create the ultimate resort handbag. The quality is unparalleled and instantly appreciated. Because the designs and colors are constantly changing, our product selection is always fresh and dynamic.

Vosilo is a respected designer of fine handbags. Their handbags and totes are from Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Michoacán.

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