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Totes Made in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Posted on February 01 2022

Oaxaca is best known for its indigenous peoples

Handwoven Totes are a Tradition in Oaxaca

Travelers can meet the artists, see their homes and studios, witness them at work, and learn about the entire process that goes into creating an amazing work of art by visiting towns and villages in the Oaxaca valley where handicrafts are made. This experience gives any acquired item new meaning: it is not just a lovely possession, but also a souvenir of a vacation and a memento of a meeting with an Oaxacan family. Buying directly from the artists and their families is the greatest way to support them and help them preserve their history.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca's handicrafts are noted for their diversity and beauty. The diversity of Oaxaca is reflected in its popular art: pottery, woodcarving, weaving, basketry, candle making, embroidery, and a variety of other crafts are all performed here. Collectors from all over the world travel to Oaxaca to buy the folk art created by the city's skilled craftspeople. Many of the tiny towns and communities in the Oaxaca City area specialize in a specific craft.

Oaxaca Family Traditions

Families in Oaxaca who make folk art pass down their knowledge from generation to generation. The ultimate product is almost always the result of family collaboration, with different family members taking on different roles. Even though skills and expertise are passed down, each person brings their creativity to their work, and each creation retains the stamp of its creator.

Oaxacan totes by Vosilo
oaxaca totes from vosilo

Oaxaca is known for its black pottery, which is made in the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec. The hue of this pottery was achieved by a technique devised by Doa Rosa Real, a village potter. Before burning, the pieces are burnished with a smooth stone to give them a gleaming metallic sheen. Families of potters were able to continue honing their art by switching to create highly valued decorative pieces.

Huatulco Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico
Huatulco Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico

Woodcarving has long been a tradition in Oaxaca. In the 1930s, a Mexican artist named Pedro Linares developed the first alebrijes, which were magical paper mache animals. Manuel Jimenez of San Antonio Arrazola, Oaxaca, started making the same type of designs in wood in the 1950s. The motif gained popularity, and many Oaxacan woodcarvers began to make alebrijes. San Martín Tilcajete, San Antonio Arrazola, and La Union Tejalapa are the three settlements in the Oaxaca valley that specialize in woodcarving. Themes and styles differ, but they all represent their authors' vast heritage and inventiveness.

The village of Teotitlan del Valle's main source of income is weaving. The woolen rugs spun on pedal looms in this Zapotec hamlet are known for their high quality and beauty. Teotitlan's residents used to weave, but before the advent of the Spaniards, they utilized cotton and the backstrap loom. Later, the pedal loom and wool were added, revolutionizing the weaving process. Synthetic dyes were first used by weavers in the 1920s, although natural colors like cochineal and indigo have been rediscovered in recent decades. Natural dyes take longer to create, but the final product is of higher quality.

Oaxacan handbags by Vosilo
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Oaxaca, Mexico Holidays

On the last two Mondays in July, the city of Oaxaca hosts the Guelaguetza festival. Guelaguetza celebrates Oaxaca's varied cultures by allowing communities from all around the state to present their music, traditional costumes, dances, and food. The major event takes place in the city's open-air amphitheater, which is located on the nearby historic hill of Cerro del Fortín.

Mezcal, an alcoholic beverage comparable to tequila but distilled from cactus species other than the blue agave used in tequila, is one of Oaxaca's most well-known products. Before it can be harvested, the plant must be six to eight years old. The habit of including a worm in most bottles of mezcal dates back to the 1940s when Jacobo Lozano Páez discovered by accident that a worm improves the flavor of mezcal. You'll discover one that you adore!

"Local artists handcraft this piece in Oaxaca, Mexico. The Oaxaca bags help to make the world a better place! Every handbag you buy contributes to the well-being of families and communities."

Mexicans and foreigners alike are enchanted with the state of Oaxaca. It's a haven for indigenous culture, with the country's most lively crafts and art scene, some of the country's most colorful and extroverted events, uniquely flavorful cuisine, and a vast range of natural resources. Beautiful, colonial Oaxaca city, an elegant and interesting cultural metropolis, is in every aspect at the heart of the state.

Oaxaca is a complicated yet extremely appealing city, with stately churches and polished plazas that have won it a Unesco World Heritage designation. For history, food, and colorful displays of indigenous culture, the city is a cultural rival to anywhere in Latin America. Culture buffs flock here to experience the Mexico of the Zapotecs and colonial legends. Life pulsates with an undiluted regional flavor as it flows through attractive yet peaceful neighborhoods. It can be found in the color palettes of antique boutique hotels, artisan shops where you can meet the producers, and purposely dirty Mezcalería.

Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico
Monte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca also has beautiful tropical coasts with extensive stretches of sand on the Pacific. Expect to witness fish, dolphins, and turtles, as well as a stretch of beach towns and villages that will calm even the most jittery travelers: surfer's paradise Puerto Escondido; planned but laid-back Bahas de Huatulco; and the laid-back charms of Mazunte, Zipolite, and San Agustinillo.

Puerto Escondido Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico
Puerto Escondido Beach, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca, Mexico Totes from Vosilo
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Oaxacan Totes from Vosilo
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"Every purchase helps to support the artisans in Mexico."

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Local markets and posh foreign businesses have historically stocked Oaxacan purses. Beautiful handwoven tote that combines traditional Oaxacan workmanship with contemporary flair. We try to have a positive impact on the artists' lives and communities by cultivating long-term partnerships and adhering to fair trade practices.

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