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Vosilo Features Handmade Mexican Totes

Written by Sales Vosilo


Posted on June 04 2022

Mexican Totes 

Vosilo works with artisans to deliver a very special handbag. You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. The owner of Vosilo was born in Mexico and she is widely respected in the artisan community. Years of creativity and experience are required to weave the ultimate product. The unparalleled quality is appreciated – the designs and colors are always fresh and dynamic. You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards.

Totes from Oaxaca and Guadalajara

This tote stands up to even the toughest handbag critics: “I’m a bag snob and I LOVE this tote,” writes one reviewer. “I searched for a month before I finally committed to this tote, and I’m so glad I did. It’s VERY large and holds whatever you need. The size and shape are perfect if you want everything in its place for your shopping trip.

One reviewer writes, “It is roomy and deep enough to keep things from falling out, and the bag itself has tons of room without being bulky. The plastic weave keeps your things in, but helps you get rid of the sand so you don’t bring home half of the beach. The straps are the perfect length and very comfortable, even when the bag is loaded down.”


Vosilo totes are right at home at a fashion mall, in the gift shop or on the boardwalk. The handbag has tons of room, they are durable, lightweight, clean easily and are fashionable. We strive to make the most versatile handbag you can own, truly grab and go.

At the Beach

The ocean is a very popular destination. Nowadays you’re lucky if you find a parking space close to a spot on the sand where you’d like to spend your day. It’s no fun making several trips to and from the car to get your stuff. The expandability of a Vosilo tote can help you out. They are lightweight, spacious and have room for towels, snacks and supplies. Our unlined handbags can hold damp clothes without being damaged and are easily rinsed off when you get home.

Visit the Gym

A Vosilo tote can hold all of your gear without ever breaking a sweat. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and don’t have a tendency to absorb odors like a nylon bag would. Our perfect sized totes can hold all your gear and look great at the same time.

At School

All of our totes are tightly woven by experts making them a great choice to carry books, laptops, snacks, and school supplies. The braded handles of our Vosilo totes are part of the bag itself making them very sturdy.


One of our Vosilo totes can carry all of your crafting supplies. At about 3 pound a piece, our totes won’t weigh you down. Short or long handles, it’s your choice what works best for your favorite crafts.

Have a Picnic

Who doesn’t like to take some time away from a busy schedule and have a picnic at the beach, lake or park with someone special. Our artisan totes are ideal for just such an occasion. One of our totes easily hold a bottle of wine and plenty of your special food items.


One of the best things about a Vosilo tote is that they are fun and fashionable. Dress up our handbags with a tassel, scarf or charms as adornments. Our handbags come in many colorful designs and attractive patterns. Grab a Vosilo totes as you head out the door for the day. Be prepared to tell people where you bought it, they’ll ask.

Our totes are unique and made especially for our demanding clients. They are made of 100% recycled plastic stands. The braided handles are sturdy and comfortable to carry. Every tote is an individual work of art because there are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The totes are an expression of their love for the product.

We love to hear from our customers, tell us how you use your Vosilo tote...

🌹Vosilo totes are perfect for shopping, a day at the beach, or brunch with friends. These artisan totes are ideal for vacation or daily use.
🌺 Each tote features an intricate design, colorful plastic weave, and two braided handles. The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle™.
🌻 Dimensions: 14" height, 15" length, 6" width, and a 10" drop. Our totes pack flat for easy travel and storage.
🌷 Made in Oaxaca and Guadalajara Mexico. Ships from our Arizona store in 1-2 business .days via UPS or USPS.
❤️ Mexican tote bag handmade by Artisans using recycled plastic. Ideal as a summer tote, beach bag, or market handbag