Vosilo ~ Opens Shopify Store

In January 2022, ResortHandbags.com changes its name to Vosilo. It is time for a more modern name and new online store. We look forward to providing great Mexican totes, handbags and purses to all our customers and boutiques.

All our social media address have been updated. We encourage our followers at @ResortHandbags to update their Follows. Here are all the links.

Vōsílo ~ Class, Practicality & Sophistication

Mexican totes, handbags, and purses woven by an artisan using bright colors and intricate designs. They provide many years of great memories.

Vosilo Mexican Purses

Vōsílo, pronounced Vō•See•Lō, is a leading designer of women’s totes, handbags, and purses handmade in Mexico. Founded in 2019, the brand is known for its innovative designs, iconic patterns, and brilliant colors that inspire and connect people, unlike any other handbag brand in the travel marketplace.

We honor and cherish all of our artisan partners' contributions and recognize their dignity and worth. Trust, moral support, cooperation, and a sense of belonging, according to our partners, make us stronger and our products better.  Our philosophy encourages international development and business through conversation, transparency, and mutual respect between partners.

Vosilo is dedicated to promoting Mexican artisans by assisting the artisans in weaving totes, handbags, and purses to gain a more feasible source of income. Our goal at Vosilo is to link artists in Mexico with socially conscious consumers in the United States. Our heritage is Latina and we preserve the culture and traditions. Vosilo has a positive influence through cultivating long-term partnerships and adhering to ethical business practices and respect for others.

We work with many artisan groups in Mexico to make unique products.  We encourage them to use our designs and their creativity, experience, and skill to create the ultimate handbag. In addition, individual attention results in quality that is unparalleled and instantly appreciated. The handbags are an expression of their love for the product.

Vosilo Mexican handbags

Our customers want a tote that can handle vacation and daily-use conditions yet not make them feel like they are carrying a plastic bucket. These situations require a tote that can withstand a splash of water, cleans easily after a trail ride, or survive an evening boat tour of the harbor. If you’re looking for a very durable and affordable tote, then Vosilo is clearly your best opportunity.