The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle™

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Posted on January 12 2022

The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle™

Vosilo represents the perfect combination of class, sophistication, and functionality. Now, there is a handbag that can go from the pool to the yacht and be perfect for an evening cocktail party. Vosilo totes are perfectly designed for your next resort vacation. The handbags are made for poolside, yoga classes, golf days, trail rides, or whatever you have planned for the day. Vosilo totes make the perfect handbag for any activity. We want you to experience the high quality and versatility of Vosilo.

Fashion Statements from Mexico

vosilo totes from mexico

A woman’s handbag is an integral part of her outfit. It’s a fashion statement, a way to express her personality and creativity. Hotel Totes buys from Vosilo. The company's handbags provide that level of sophistication to match your resort lifestyle. For most women, their handbag is a multi-tasking device that combines the virtues of practicality and utility: while displaying their sense of style.

Unique, Stylish & Beautiful

It isn’t their most expensive handbag and our company name is not famous. We think it’s partly because our handbags make a unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion-savvy, and earning power – yet demonstrate intelligence and adaptability. She can transform from Madison Avenue to a Scottsdale resort and never miss a beat. They can show up for an afternoon tour on a yacht in comfortable clothes and compliment their outfit and event with a fashionable Vosilo handbag.

Environmental and Animal Friendly

Vosilo totes are made from 100% recycled plastic. You can choose from several solid colors or hundreds of colors with intricate designs. The handbags are reasonably priced, thus making them an option for a one-time vacation or as a daily-use handbag in their collection. We work with artisans to deliver a very special handbag. You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Years of creativity and experience are required to weave the ultimate product. The unparalleled quality is appreciated – the designs and colors are always fresh and dynamic.

Designed for the Occasion

totes from oaxaca

Every woman has lived the search to find a purse that can handle the leather unfriendly conditions found at a resort, yet not having to carry a handbag that looks like a plastic bucket. The situation requires a handbag that can handle a splash of water, a little trail dust, or a storage compartment, yet still has a sense of style and sophistication.

Functionality with Style

While there are plenty of plastic woven totes out there, it was trickier than anticipated to find a handbag that was as fashionable as it was functional. But after much research and testing, we managed to find the new 2020 Collection from Vosilo. Our picks were all selected keeping in mind that you’ll probably want to be able to carry them both at the pool and during evening events at the resort. They would have to go from the golf cart to the yacht without missing a beat. Finally, we wanted a reasonably priced handbag because it might be one vacation or limited use handbag in our collection.

vosilo totes from oaxaca

2022 Collection by Vosilo

If you’re looking for a durable and affordable bag that can hold more than just the essentials, then Vosilo is your best bet. Vosilo's totes, handbags and purses are made from plastic strands, that will keep you looking clean and polished all day long. The versatile structured bag is crafted in Mexico and made to be worn with both casual and formal attire. You can choose from several solid colors or hundreds of colors with intricate designs.

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