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Bergenia Clutch Gift Set

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Mexican embroidered clutch, turquoise silver earrings & Gift ~ painted bookmark on amate paper.

😀 3 Piece Travel & Gift Set. The perfect gift for you!
🥰 Mexican Embroidered clutch purse.
😊 Faux turquoise and silver earrings.
✨ Gift ~ Hand painted bookmark on amate paper
🫡 Free Shipping ~ Ships Today ~ 14 Day Returns.

❤️ Mexican embroidered clutch handmade by artisans in Chiapas. ❤️ This women's clutch is perfect for your phone, glasses, makeup, and cards. ❤️ Embroidered clutches look gorgeous when you place them on the table during lunch. ❤️ The clutch features embroidery, a zipper, a magnet, a tassel, and nylon lining. ❤️ Mexican faux turquoise and silver earrings and pendant necklace set. ❤️ Colorfully painted bookmark on amate paper from a fig tree.

💠 Features embroidery, zipper, magnet, and lining. Colorful tassel included! 💠 Handmade by Artisans in Mexico. Clutches ship to you from Arizona. 💠 Elegant look for daily use. The perfect clutch purse for your resort lifestyle. 💠 Mexico-inspired, creatively designed cosmetic jewelry set. They are delivered in a beautiful red gift box.

⭐ Dimensions: 10"L x 7.3"H x .75"D. ⭐ Embroidered canvas with nylon lining. ⭐ Zipper and a magnet to secure the flap. ⭐ All items ship directly to you from Arizona by Vosilo using USPS and UPS.

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Mexican embroidered clutch with tassels, turquoise and silver earrings, and amate bookmark, 3 Piece Travel & Gift Set ~ Bergenia.

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